Found this in an undated set on my computer. I think it’s Schema Pumpkin.


So today I finally did some spring cleaning on my fermenter. I still had the dregs of my Stout Mint in there, and it smelled a wee bit ripe after all that time outside.

I’m still holding bottles of Punch Drunk Love, which surprisingly drinks more like a wine with the fuitiness and the acidity of the cherries, and the complete lack of head retention. In keg one is a tiny bit of Edenton Tea Party, and when that goes I’ll transfer the Stout Mint over to add the mint.

Even though it just started to feel like spring here, I’m gearing up to brew a five growlers (a half batch) of Summer’s end. I think that will be the ideal way to split it up so the gummy bear flavors can be separate. Also I think it will lend itself to a combined blow-off tube setup. I need to think about temperature control during the fermentation.

Rather than leave my fermenter hungry during that time, I’m going to be brewing a full batch. I don’t know what of yet. The weather is pushing me away from the experimental lager I want to do, so I think I might have another go at the Edenton Tea Party. I’ll spend the next week or so thinking about it before I finally come down with a decision.

Brewing up a storm for The Scrap Exchange

A recap of another great BrewDurham. I haven’t found any pictures yet, but when I do I’ll pass them along.

Finished primary fermentation: krausen residue, uncarbonated beer, and trub.

Testing out different mixes of tea and beer.

Spent grain bread. Recipe is from here. I forgot the salt, but it’s still pretty good. I will be trying this one again.

Beeraucratic: Priming 101

Priming 101

If you don’t have a kegging system, you’re most likely bottle conditioning. Whether you use corn sugar, honey or dry malt, you need to know how to prime. Each style has its own carbonation range and knowing that will help big time.

Spent grain empanadas! 

I just used a basic empanada recipe from a cookbook I had lying around, and added about half a cup of wet spent grain to the pastry dough (which is blended in a food processor). The crust came off a bit earthy, a bit too dense—I’ll probably drop the grain down to a quarter cup in the next iteration, or maybe roll it into the dough after it comes out of the food processor. It was still very good, well paired to the spicy filling and the creamy guacamole.

First pull of Stout Mint (still minus the mint). The carbonation did bitter it quite a bit, which is all the more reason to move from Mokah to Choklat for the base. I’m still very pleased with it though.

Toad in hole with pub ale. The beer made for a delicious gravy. The recipe can be found here.